Lottery Result Today 8PM 02-11-2023

Do you want to see the result of Lottery Result Today 8PM Winner List ?  Then you have come to the right place. We publish all results of Nagaland State Lottery, Lottery Sambad Morning Draw List, Lottery Sambad Night Draw List, Lottery Sambad Evening Draw List, Sambad Lottery Result, Lottery Result Sambad on this website every day at right time. This Lottery Result Today 8PM has a 1st prize of 1 crore, 2nd Prize of 9000 Rupees, 3rd Prize of 450 Rupees, 4th Prize of 250 Rupees and 5th Prize of 120 Rupees. Nagaland State Lottery released Today Lottery 8PM Result. Today’s all Dear Lottery Result is given below

   1:00 PM RESULT

   6:00 PM RESULT

   8:00 PM RESULT

Lottery Result Today 8PM

Lottery Result Today 8pm has been released by Nagaland State lottery department. Check your today’s fortune result. This Lottery Result 8PM Today has a 1st prize of 1 crore, 2nd Prize of 9000 Rupees, 3rd Prize of 450 Rupees, 4th Prize of 250 Rupees and 5th Prize of 120 Rupees. Lottery Result Today 8PM 1st Prize is – 36E 47968, 2nd Prize- 00515, 02816, 12055, 16036, 56263, 57907, 66313, 68940, 72865, 85649 and more results are given below.

Lottery Result Today 8PM Details

Lottery Name Lottery Result Today 8PM
Result Date 02-11-2023
Prize Money 1 Crore
Result Status Available
Official Website


Various Names of Lottery Result Today 8PM

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